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Back Pain

Novo Wellness

Regenerative Medicine Pain Management & Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic located in Aiken, SC & Hilton Head Island, SC

Finding relief from back pain shouldn’t be difficult, but severe causes like vertebral fractures and degenerative disc disease might require clinical treatment you can’t find at a drugstore. At Novo Wellness, William Durrett, MD, and Jennifer Mumford, PA-C, offer advanced treatments for back pain using state-of-the-art medical technology. To find out what’s causing your back pain and get needed treatment, call the nearest office in Aiken or Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, or book an appointment online today.

Back Pain Q&A

What is back pain?

Back pain is a broad term for any discomfort originating in or around your spine. There are different types of back pain based on the location of the pain along your spinal column. Novo Wellness specializes in treating pain in your:

Cervical spine

Your cervical spine is the portion of your spinal column in your neck. Many of the same treatments for back pain also apply to neck pain. 

Thoracic spine

Your thoracic spine is the middle portion of your spine. The vertebrae, or bones, are larger than those in the cervical spine and are attached to your ribs. 

Lumbar spine

Your lumbar spine is your lower back. Pain in the lower back is common and can also stem from the sacral spine, which is short and located under the lumbar portion. 

What is the underlying cause of my back pain?

The Pain Center and Regenerative Institute performs a physical exam and testing to find the specific cause of your back pain. Back pain can come from many different forms of tissue, nerve, or bone damage in or around the spine, so finding the specific underlying cause is essential to your treatment planning. 

Novo Wellness frequently treats back or neck pain from:

  • Degenerative disc disease 
  • Herniated disc
  • Muscle or ligament strains
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis or vertebral fractures

There are other possible causes, and your provider can go over your X-rays or other imaging tests with you to show the damage before exploring available treatments. 

Which treatments can improve my back pain?

For most cases of back pain, medications are sufficient in relieving discomfort. Often, over-the-counter pain relievers are enough to manage your back pain. However, you might want to consider other treatments if your pain is particularly severe or long-lasting, or if it impacts your day-to-day life and productivity. 

Novo Wellness decides on a treatment for you based on the results of diagnostic testing. Depending on the cause, they might recommend:


Kyphoplasty is a surgery to treat vertebral fractures and restore structure to the broken bone. Often, these fractures are the direct result of osteoporosis. 

During the treatment, your provider guides a needle into your spine near the fractured vertebrae using an X-ray. They inflate a small balloon through the needle and inject acrylic bone cement to hold your vertebrae’s original height. 

Spinal cord stimulation

A spinal cord stimulator is an implanted device that sends small electrical currents into your epidural space to curb pain signals. 

MLS Laser Treatment

MLS Laser Treatment uses two laser wavelengths to stimulate a complex healing response. It relieves pain and inflammation in your back or other areas with tissue damage. 

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine includes mesenchymal stem cell injections. The injections include stem cells that can differentiate to become bone cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells, or other types of cells to effectively repair damage.  

If your back pain won’t go away with non-prescription medications or home care, schedule a consultation by phone or online at Novo Wellness today.